Automatisch gespeicherter Entwurf

© Peter Neher

Name: Maria Anna M.
Mother tongue: German
Occupation: Sales Assistant
My object name: tea cup
My story about it:

I brought with me my tea cup. Of course, this is not the standard German tea cup. I bought it while walking through Khan El-Khalili, the largest and the oldest bazaar in Cairo, Egypt. Their word for tea is chai, they cook it for a long time – until it’s almost black, it is very strong and very, very sweet. They often drink mint tea, too. This tiny cup reminds me of the beautiful days I spent in Cairo; and I always feel the urge to visit it again. It is a place you can love: the ancient beauty and oriental charm of Cairo, the pyramids in Giza, Cairo Citadel, Egyptian Museum, the Nile, papyrus institutes, belly dance. Or hate: the noise, dust and sand, smog and poverty – the gap between the poor and the rich, very rich.
I love Cairo!