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Name: János F.
Mother tongue: Hungarian
Occupation: Employee of the public health service, retired
My object: Chess set
My story about it:

This chess set was given to me in December 1953. Together with about 1200 prisoners of war, I helped to build the power station in Tiszalök. A prisoner of war from the Baranya county gave this chess set to me which has got its own history. I am not sure whether he made this set is Tiszalök or already in the Soviet Union. In 1993, I joined the 40 years anniversary of the Tiszalök Uprising at Sindelfingen because he had invited me. Until today, I am friend with former prisoners of war from Germany. We meet once a year, either in Bruchköbel, Germany, or in Pécs, or Vasas. His name is Heinrich Wink, and we are true friends until today.