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© Bruno Jobst

Name: Angelika W.
Mother tongue: German
Occupation: Lecturer for the German language
My object: Cornù
My story about it:

A German friend who has been living in Naples (Italy) for years gave me this piece of jewellery. In Naples, people believe that Cornú, which is the Italian name for this chilli pepper-shaped amulet dating back to the ancient Pompeii, protects against the evil eye.

Some time after receiving Cornù, the boyfriend of a good friend of mine had a terrible accident. They were not sure if he would survive. Since there was no other way to help my friend, I gave her my Cornù. She wore it every day around her neck until her boyfriend got better. She swore that Cornù would sometimes become hot on her skin and that it helped her to survive these hard times. She is now married to this man and they are expecting a baby!

Since then, I have always carried my Cornù with me. I don’t know if it has brought me luck, but who knows what my life would be like without it?!