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© Bruno Jobst

Name: David S.
Mother tongue: Hungarian
Occupation: Student
My object: coffee grinder
My story about it:

The traditional Bosnian coffee grinder was usually made of copper or brass. Every element of the grinder was shaped by a local craftsman and ornamented with engravings on the surface, and this was done with great care. The appearance and level of perfection of the coffee grinder revealed the family’s reputation. It was especially important to make sure that every element is perfectly clean and that the red copper or golden yellow brass has full shine. My grinder is approximately 25 cm high. It is composed of a handle that starts the grinder. The upper part of the grinder is filled with coffee beans. The middle part contains the blades that grind the coffee. The bottom is a container for the already grinded coffee that is ready to be cooked. It is special to me because my grandma used it to grind coffee.