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© Bruno Jobst

Name: Vesna M.
Mother tongue: Croatian
Occupation: retired
My object: Japanese doll
My story about it:

My name is Vesna M. and I was born in Osijek, Croatia. When I was a girl, as part of a school project, I became pen pals to a Japanese boy who wrote about his life in the Land of the Rising Sun. Exploring the Japanese culture, life and people, I discovered that I had an indescribable love towards Japan. I was extremely glad when I had the opportunity to participate in the project “Country without Frontiers” in my hometown, organized by the “Breza” Association, and to meet artists from Japan – which was a rich experience. The Japanese dance, songs, origami, learning the language and spending time with the Japanese, further inspired my love for Japan. This event took place every year.
I had the opportunity to coordinate the workshop of traditional art of shaping paper –origami, called “1000 Cranes” and to pass the art on to young Osijek people.
Japan is an endless source of inspiration and my life has been marked by constant anticipation of new experiences.
In a humanitarian effort to help Japan when it suffered destruction in 2011, I made and sold a thousand paper cranes.
During a visit by the ambassador of Japan to Osijek, he had the opportunity to see my workshop and little children making paper cranes with their tiny fingers, as well as my exhibition of inspiring photographs – recollections of the most beautiful experiences I had while spending time with Japanese people.
A photograph of me and a Japanese doll – geisha, is a dear memory of the boy from Japan, who gave me this doll when he came to visit me at my home in Osijek …