© Füzí István

Name: Miklós F.
Mother tongue: Hungarian
Occupation: Restorer
My object: Spice Rack
My story about it:

From my father’s side, I am of Hungarian-German descent (my great-great-grandfather’s name was Fuß). From my mother’s side, I am a German of Hungary, too (my grandmother’s name was Anna Leidecker). My wife is a German of Hungary, too (her father belongs to the Lampeks from the Tolna county). So how does that affect our nationality – are we and are our children “real” Hungarians? We found this simple spice rack made from beechwood in my grandparents’ attic. Like their ancestors, they were craftsmen and not very well off. The other spice rack is made out of oak and a little more skillfully crafted. It matches a middle class household better than the first one. I discovered it at my wife’s grandparents’ attic. They were craftsmen, too, but more wealthy than the average craftsmen’s family. Today, both spice racks hang next to each other at our weekend home in the vineyards of Pécs. They make us think about and remind us of our ancestry, of relationships, for example, of identity, craftsmanship, of poverty and wealth, pride and style and much more, of course …