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© Bruno Jobst

Name: Marina K.
Mother tongue: Croatian
Occupation: Curator – Archaeologist/ Curator at the Archaeology Department
My object: Murano glass necklace
My story about it:

This Murano glass necklace was bought in Venice a few years ago. More precisely, at Lido, during the Venetian annual festivity of Festa della Sensa celebrating and commemorating the victory of Serenissima over Dalmatian pirates during the reign of Doge Pietro II Orseolo, on the day of Christ’s Ascension in the year 1000. On that day, Doge – today the mayor – ‘marries’ the sea. I got it as a present from my boyfriend who found it strikingly resembling to the necklace worn by Tizian’s Isabella D’Este. There are other stories connected to this necklace, but they are ours to keep.