Jovana G.

© Siniša Trifunović

Name: Jovana G.
Mother tongue: Croato-Serbian
Occupation: lawyer
My object: Pope John Paul II beatification medallion (Santo Subito)
My story about it:

I consider myself an APATRIDE, in the sense described by the wonderful, erudite writer Danilo Kiš. In the pejorative sense, an apatride is a person without nationality; no nation has ever given me anything to be thankful for.
In a positive sense, an apatride is, true, a person without nationality, but also a cosmopolite, a citizen of the world. That is why the author of this exhibition, to offer an external, peaceful and non-violent view of a multicultural area in the time of war, that is, a time of pronounced and radical nationalism, established a connection between opposed sides and left in his photographic opus a legacy whose message concerns all people in all times.
“What I have written, I have written” (Pontius Pilate)