Marijana V.

© Siniša Trifunović

Name: Marijana V.
Mother tongue: Serbian
Occupation: intern
My object: glasses
My story about it:

This glasses belonged to my great-grandfather. I accidentally found them in the barn on the farm where my grandparents lived. I was only five then, but I took an immediate interest in them as I had never seen such round glasses before. A little girl that I was, I was exhilarated and believed them to be a good luck charm right away. The only thing unexplainable to me was the place where I had found them. For a long time I couldn’t imagine why had they been in the dirty barn with the hammer, the saw and the old mousetrap. Of course, me being the one who „saved“ them, for a long time I believed them to bring good luck only to me and nobody else. That’s why I never told anyone I found them. Ten years later, Mom saw them on a shelf in my room. Right away she asked where they come from. When I told her where I found them and how, she commented she forgot they even exist. That was when I found out they had belonged to my great-grandfather and that they are among the rare objects left behind him.
However, even now when I’m older, I still sometimes believe they only bring good luck to me.