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© Siniša Trifunović

Name: Siniša T.
Mother tongue: Serbian
Occupation: student
My object: camera
My story about it:

This camera is one of the most important objects in my life: it is always with me, I always have it at hand, and I treat it as a live being. It also represents the many years I have spent working and denying myself other pleasures in order to buy it. In a way it also symbolizes brotherly love, as it was my brother Srđan who lent me, and later gave me the money I needed to buy it. Of course, money doesn’t necessarily indicate love, but in this way I realized that I can always count on certain people and I think of it every time I take the camera in my hands. It is strange how a small object can stand for so many things and feelings, but that’s the way it is and every time I pick it up I remember that I can accomplish anything if I put in enough effort and that the people who love you will always be there for you.