Velimir és Dragomir P.

© Siniša Trifunović

Name: Velimir and Dragomir P.
Mother tongue: Serbian
Occupation: retired, information technician
Our objects: Trixi transistor radio, Kavu hat and sunglasses
Our story about them:

We are brothers. We were born in Sombor and have lived here for 37 years, until life took us down two separate roads.
Velimir: This transistor radio entered my life 45 or 50 years ago on my Grandfather Žarko’s farm in Šaponje. We didn’t listen to it very often, because we tried to spare the batteries. Our favourite shows were “An Evening of Joy” and the news. I have had it for the last twenty years.
Dragomir: I have been living in Sombor until 1997, when, at the age of 37, I moved with my family to Sydney, Australia. In the new world I started to develop new customs and interests. One of these is kayaking on the ocean. That is why I always carry this hat and sunglasses with me, to protect myself from the hot sun and salty water.