Tímea B.

© Krisztina Sarnyai

Name: Tímea B.
Mother tongue: Hungarian
Occupation: ethnologist, museologist
My object: Amorphis Tuonela CD – with a personal cover
My story about it:

In 2001 I spent a semester at the University of Joensuu in Finland. At that time, my husband was a fan of Finnish heavy metal music, so I thought – and I know I can be condemned for this – to copy a few CDs from the local library for him. One of these was the CD Tuonela by the band Amorphis. I made the cover together with my friend Petri, whom I met in Joensuu. Tuonela is the river in the Finnish national epic that separates the underworld from the world of the living. On the cover we drew the river, smiling heads on one side of it (my art), gloomy faces with lightning bolts on the other (Petri’s art). The CD is important for me; it reminds me of the trip to Finland, the friendships I made there that have lasted strongly ever since. Later, I had the opportunity to prepare an exhibition on Finnish people and Finnish heavy metal music, so the CD symbolizes that too.