Róbert V.

© Krisztina Sarnyai

Name: Róbert V.
Mother tongue: Hungarian
Occupation: media marketing manager
My object: György Faludy Poems
My story about it:

It was relatively late during my student years that I got acquainted with the world of poetry beyond the compulsory high school curriculum.
If I had to trace the origins of my current interests, taste and values back to a single book, it would be Faludy’s collected poems published in 2000, which, through the author’s all-encompassing education, appealing personality and his innovative approach not only awakened my interest for 20th century poetry, but also opened up exciting perspectives on literature and history as well as the natural sciences. I can trace all the poems, novels, scientific or popular works that I have ever read back to this one book, which I originally bought as a present, but it has stayed with me. Crumpled and torn, with more and more pages stuck together, it continues to dominate my bookshelf and my worldview.