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© Eszter Kerék

Name: Csaba H.
Mother tongue: Hungarian
Occupation: software developer
My object: Polish pocketknife
My story about it:

The pocketknife is from my grandfather. After he retired, my grandfather used to travel to the neighboring (mostly “friendly”) countries as a tour-guide, making use of his knowledge of German and Serbian. As far as I know, he acquired this piece in Poland (but this might be a legend and he could have bought it in the Polish market here). It is big and robust, well put-together but not very sophisticated, with a saw blade and a function that prevents it from closing. In terms of function, it is an imitation of Swiss pocketknives – back then, this is what was available in that model. It isn’t sharp, it never has been, but in my teenage years it accompanied me in all my travels (I had several real Swiss pocketknives, but I have lost them all).