<!--:hu-->A.-né B. Katalin<!--:--><!--:de-->Katalin A., geb. B.<!--:--><!--:hr-->Katalin A., rođena B. <!--:--><!--:rs-->Каталин А., рођ. Б.<!--:--><!--:en-->Katalin A., née B. <!--:-->

© Eszter Kerék

Name: Katalin A., née B.
Mother tongue: German (Diósberény dialect)
Occupation: pensioner
My objects: bedsheet and handkerchief
My story about:

On 2 December 1944, during the Russian occupation, the soldiers gutted the wardrobes and took all textiles from the flat. This linen handkerchief and my fraternal grandmother’s bedsheet fell down and were trodden upon. Only these two textiles remained of the old ones.