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© Eszter Kerék

Name: Sára Sz.
Mother tongue: Hungarian
Occupation: student
My object: iron bracelet
My story about it:

When I was a child, while looking for direction in my life, I tried to answer the big questions of life first. Today I know that I should have started with the most simple question first ☺. I was wandering (because my life is a journey) through Pécs. Pécs is a very important city for me; my maternal grandparents are Danube Swabians from Sárok and Mohács. My mother was born in Pécs; the city was always close to my heart. This is where I stumbled upon a shop selling crafts and antiques. I immediately fell in love with this iron bracelet. It has been with me through good and bad for more than ten years. And it helps me in my wonderings and wanderings. Maybe because of the long time spent together, we are similar: we don’t break, we bend; we are stubborn and can withstand the cold.