<!--:hu-->E. Mária, szül. Z. Mária<!--:--><!--:de-->Mária E., geb. Z. <!--:--><!--:hr-->Mária E., rođena Z.<!--:--><!--:rs-->Марија Е., рођ. З. <!--:--><!--:en-->Mária E., née Z. <!--:-->

© Eszter Kerék

Name: Mária E., née Z.
Mother tongue: Hungarian
Occupation: solicitor
My object: full folk costume
My story about it:

When I joined the choir, I got the original folk costume of my husband’s grandmother. I am proud that it is original and that I can wear it. Putting it on is complicated though, one has to pay attention to many things, so dressing up on my own is never perfect. The “old-timers” from Véménd always “make improvements” on it.