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Name: Christof Heinrich B.
Mother tongue: German
Grandmother’s mother tongue: Hungarian
Occupation: civil engineer, retired
My object: letter from my grandmother to her children
My story about it:

This letter dating from March 25, 1922 is my home, the only stable and reliable one that does not change.
My grandmother wrote it in Hungarian to her underage children Therese (* 1908) and Georg, my father (* 1910). Shortly before, on October 10, 1919, the children were converted from Jewish to Lutheran-Christian belief. At the same time, my grandfather (1880-1921) was being baptized, too. My grandmother kept her faith until many years later when she converted, too – in 1939. I keep wondering why she finally decided to do so. I can only guess, using all my empathy.

From this letter, I have learnt about the reasons and the circumstances of her converting. She wanted her children to understand and share her decision, too; yet, at the same time, she wanted them to know about their origin and not to forget their ancestors. Ne felejtsetek el soha (Never forget it!), she writes, and if you should ever wish to take on your ancestors’ belief again please do not hesitate to do so. Now, my grandmother’s letter is both support and duty. Until my sons will take care of it.