© Nihad Nino Pušija

Name: Réka G.
Mother tongue: Hungarian
Occupation: Film Scientist, Filmmaker
My object: part of the fence at the Jewish cemetery in Levoča/Slovakia
My story about it:

When I shot a documentary on the Hungarian-German film theorist Béla Balázs I found this part of the fence at Levoča. My colleague and I were looking for the last resting-place of Balázs’ father. Since we knew that he was of Jewish origin we asked for the Jewish cemetery. Nobody wanted to answer. We knew that Jewish cemeteries tend to be covered over by huge trees. So we started to look for it by ourselves, following Balázs’ description. Finally, we found the cemetery which was abandoned but yet very beautiful. We had to climb over the fence in order to track down the grave. There, we found several pieces of the old fence on the ground. This is the piece I took with me to Berlin. To me, it stands for Balázs’ search for traces, but also for the search for our own identity.