© Nihad Nino Pušija

Name: Sigrun D.
Mother tongue: German
Occupation: Artist
My object: smock
My story about it:

We used to visit my grandparents at Halberstadt every summer. I wanted to paint, the child needed a smock so it wouldn’t get dirty. Someone fetched an old nightdress, it assumed the function. I took it with me when going home and kept it at the bottom of my wardrobe. Whenever I needed it I took it out, and it has accompanied me for a long time.
Years later and a long time after I had moved out I looked for this smock at my parents’ house. The wardrobe had gone. The following summer, I visited my grandmother at Halberstadt. In the evening when we both got ready for bed, she stepped out of the bathroom – her bun was uncoiled into a long plait, her teeth in a glass next to the washbasin – and she stood in the doorway, wearing my smock as her nightdress.