© Nihad Nino Pušija

Name: Ljiljana J.
Mother tongue: Serbo-Croatian
Occupation: Philologist
My object: little sugar bag
My story about it:
Journey from Belgrade to Sarajevo. 1999. It is winter time, and there is no heating in the bus. After an hour on the road there is a break at Loznica, at the café and restaurant Kod Mić iz Bradine. I look at the street lamp near the entrance; a sheep skin with blood on it is hanging down from the lamp. It is waving like a flag in the ice cold wind. There are swans in the garden. Inside, a singer entertains the guests. I do not like going outside but since I am chilled to the bones and the break will last for half an hour I decide to get off the bus. I have become completely stiff. I move a little bit. Outside, I am attracted by the smell of coffee. Only fools die for their ideals! (saying) I sit down in the garden among the swans and order a hot espresso. And I see the little sugar bag with a picture of Tito on it. On the other side, it says in capitals: We do not part with Tito! The people have to be asked! I forgave Mićo (the owner) for his bloodstained lambskin. Later, I heard that by this skin he wants to show his guests that the animals whose meat he offers have just been slaughtered.
PS: I am Vegetarian. And I put the little sugar bag above my desk.