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Name: Dance group Faux Pas
Directors: Ulf W. and Eveline K.
Our story about it:
The Balkan dance group has existed for 35 years now. Its two directors became acquainted with dances from the Balkan when they were still at university. From its very beginning, the group has been a meeting place for Germans and people from other cultures, for people of all ages and all professions. What we all share is the fact that we enjoy the music and the dances from the Balkan, the interest in foreign cultures, and the ability to acquire uneven rhythms and difficult step combinations. Trust is another characteristic that all members of the group need when facing the many different languages.
Over the years, we compiled a collection of music, our collection of costumes increased, and friendships that have arisen from our dancing are being maintained worldwide. We meet once a week in the evenings in order to reconsider our knowledge of cultural, social, and historic conditions in the Balkan countries in terms of its suitability for daily use. We can pass on our knowledge of dances and music to students from the Balkan countries. Also, we can pass on our experience that common dancing and music constitute an emotional basis for overcoming mental and bodily boundaries.