© Nihad Nino Pušija

Name: Joan K.
Mother tongue: English
Occupation: Sculptor
My object: Native American Doll
My story about it:
In 1962, we travelled across the northern part of Ontario/ Canada. At the roadside, we saw a little booth with a canoe made from birch bark on its roof. The canoe’s length superseded the booth’s width. We stopped and saw that all those different things made from reindeer leather were for sale, amongst them moccasins and a doll. I asked whether they had more dolls. The woman said that she could make more for me and send them. I was happy and wanted to pay in advance. She did not let me, however. We bought the moccasins and the only doll which was there, but unfortunately we didn’t buy the canoe. About six weeks later, we received a parcel with two dolls, two embroidered headbands (as an add-on), and a pair of moccasins. I was very happy that everything had worked out well and paid by postal order.