© Nihad Nino Pušija

Name: Laura N.
Mother tongue: Swiss German
Occupation: Student Psychologist
My object: knotted bracelet
My story about it:
I started my bracelet-ritual when living in beautiful Ecuador, situated right in the Andes mountains. One day I – the Swiss German – met my Norwegian friend at the Ecuador Pacific coast. We talked about our different cultures, about goodbyes, and about transience. This is when I gave her the first friendship bracelet, and she gave me one, too. Since then, whenever I am at a place I feel connected to by a special memory, I get one of those souvenir bracelets and wear them on my wrist. The knotted bracelets come and go. But believe or not: The bracelet which has three green stones – the one in the middle – has remained on my wrist since the day at the Pacific coast in Ecuador I spent with my good Norwegian friend.