© Nihad Nino Pušija

Name: Annemieke H.
Mother tongue: Dutch
Occupation: Publicist
My object: hat from Riga
My story about it:
Everything is connected: A Dutch in Berlin in an exhibition on Hungarian-German-Serbian-Croatian, i.e. European encounters, wearing a hat from Latvia. I went there because I portray multiethnic and multinational families for my book Unheile Heimat, Hamburg 2009. For years, I visited a Russian-Latvian family in Riga, and in Pécs I visited a German-Hungarian family. Andrea Vándor is part of this family; she curated the exhibition on the portraits between 1916 and 1920. Andrea has become a friend, just like the Russian-Latvian Daria family in Riga. Wherever I went while writing my book, anywhere between Latvia and Romania, I felt and knew that I was in Europe and not amongst foreigners.