© Nihad Nino Pušija

Name: Ava M.
Mother tongue: Serbian
Occupation: Researcher, Translator
My object: panniers
My story about them:
At the end of April in 2004, my sister and I went on a bike trip from Berlin to Novi Sad (actually, it is her birthday today!). It was just before the great Eastern European expansion of the EU. On May 1st, we arrived at Prague, just in time for the membership celebrations. Three weeks later, we finally got to Novi Sad. On this journey, I learnt that you can achieve anything as long as you really want it. Normally, I am not very athletic. And the long route was a real challenge for me. Together, though, we managed to make it! The bags and all other equipment (glasses, map, gloves, etc.) do not only remind me of the journey itself but of this experience which has crucially shaped my life.