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Name: Éva Mirjana B.
Mother tongue: Hungarian, Croatian
Occupation: Student
My object: Shoes from Bosnia
My story about it:

I bought these shoes in Mostar in the summer of 2008. I call them “Kleiner Muck-Schuhe” (after a dwarf-like figure from a children’s story written by Wilhelm Hauff). Thereby, a dream I had for two years has come true since I tried to buy a pair of those shoes on a visit to Mostar in 2006. This pair of shoes means much more to me than a simple artifact or a souvenir. These shoes represent a wonderful part of a culture which may be far away geographically speaking but feels very close emotionally. My ancestors are from Bosnia, and in Hungary, where they live, they are part of the Croatian minority. Whenever I put on these shoes I feel like entering a world both well known and yet unknown to me.