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© Peter Neher

Name: Janina R.-P.
Mother tongue: Polish
Occupation: Polish Teacher
My object: Children’s Duden dictionary
My story about it:

We (my brother and I) got this children’s Duden dictionary from our German cousins who probably got it from someone else. We lived in the Upper Silesia in Poland, and our cousins (emigrants from the Upper Silesia) lived in Nordrhein-Westfalen in Germany.
Unfortunately, I cannot remember whether we learned from the Duden dictionary at that time. Years later, I fell in love and moved to Germany so I naturally had to learn German. I used a Langenscheidt dictionary. When I finally found a job, I brought this Duden dictionary from Poland. I work in a primary school with lots of children from immigrant families. Now they are the ones who need a children’s Duden. This is a copy that was printed in 1970!