Automatisch gespeicherter Entwurf

© Peter Neher

Name: Gerlind N.
Mother tongue: German
Occupation: Teacher, retired
My object: rose hip
My story about it:

Six years ago, I became a “grandmother“ to a young family from Armenia. The mother and father, parents of the little Mari, studied here and told me a lot about themselves, their country and its history. The real grandparents of the little Mari are far away and she longs to have a grandmother by her side. So I assumed the role.
I got this rose hip as a gift during my first trip to Armenia. It symbolizes survival in the face of extreme danger of Armenians who were forced into exile a hundred years ago during which many of them died. Today, with Mari and with this rose hip in my hand, I can think about the peaceful future and I want to help her to build a happy life here in Germany, her new home.